Future Men

What Is Future Men?

Future Men for God is a facility dedicated to transforming young men who have childish obsessions and behaviors such as problems with self-control, sloppy clothing, offensive habits/language, disrespectful, anger, slothfulness, foolish friends, and godless music, to men who embrace freedoms and responsibilities. It provides counseling based on the Bible and worldview training in a structured and safe environment. It also incorporates requirements to finish high school education and establishes apprenticeship programs so that these young men work with master tradesmen.

Located in Kirbyville, Missouri, Future Men facilities are surrounded by forests, rivers, and beautiful lakes to provide a great environment for these young troubled men to become men and reach their full potential.

The Future Men Program

The education program provides a monitored and highly structured tutorial setting where these troubled teens work on a curriculum accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Schools and founded on God’s Word. Each teen has his own individual plan motivating him to finish his high school studies.

The work program, on the other hand, provides an opportunity for these teenagers to show initiative, become detailed, and follow instructions, which are the same qualities needed to acquire and keep a regular job. Each teen is given an opportunity to work as an apprentice in order to learn a trade skill. The teenager reports to his assigned tradesman twice a week. A teenager can choose to learn construction, welding, computer programming, airport service and security, landscaping, auto painting, glass installation, animal health technician, firefighting, real estate sales, plumbing, and electrical work.

The youth is also expected to finish house chores twice a day. With housework, each teen is made to understand the requirements of home, property, and vehicle maintenance. Other teenagers who do not have apprenticeship yet are assigned to participate in community service. Habits like working steadily and not taking breaks, identifying work that still needs to be finished, following instructions, and taking care of the tools used are instilled in order to prepare these kids for their apprenticeships.