Giving Your Teen Time Away

Sometime during adolescence, virtually every child goes through their ‘teenage’ stage. For some this means becoming a recluse, moody and surly, while others act out in school or at home. Most kids have their teenage indulgences, but then there are kids who become truly troubled. Dealing with a troubled teen can take a toll on every aspect of life, and sometimes the only option becomes giving the child time away to figure themselves out. A change of setting and time away can often work wonders that no therapy can replace. It’s a good idea to work out an arrangement that won’t disrupt your child’s life, but will give them some supervised ‘me’ time.

Summer Camp

Summer camp comes in many shapes and forms, with some focusing on specific talents and skills, and others providing a general atmosphere of relaxation and fun. If your child has no specific talents or hobbies, even a regular summer camp in a relaxed setting with people who don’t know his past and the beauty of nature, can work wonders. It provides an outlet for your child to let go, explore the wild, and forge new friendships. Be sure to check that the camp is well supervised, with a good program, while still providing a measure of freedom. It’s also good to choose a camp that is a few hours’ drive away, not too close and not too far.

Bonding with Relatives

Relatives who live in another city may offer the perfect escape for a teen that’s sick of his own family. If tickets are too expensive, there are many ways to finance them using credit card points and miles. Some have found it worth their while to sell frequent flyer miles for cash, which is then used to book convenient tickets. Either way, the right relatives can offer a retreat that is supervised and comfortable, but not too close to home.

Teen Retreat

Teen retreats are more than summer camp. They offer camp-like activities, like hiking, swimming, and canoeing, as well as more different activities, such as working in the organic garden and helping out in the kitchen. Teen retreats are geared to help troubled teens by offering fun activities and tools that will help the kids find self-worth and an ‘inner compass.’ While teen retreats may be pricey, travelling expenses can be financed by selling frequent flyer miles, and sometimes financial arrangements can be worked out with the management.

Sometimes a teen can become too much to handle. That’s okay, and it’s important to know when it’s time to give up and give your teen some time away to work things out. By working with credit card points and airline miles travel expenses can easily be paid for, allowing for a break for your teen and some breathing room for your family.