Homecoming Parade Float Fiasco: Who’s Responsible?

When the kids head back to high school and college, a whole host of activities await them to usher in the new school year. One of the most popular events is homecoming, where the school spirit flows freely for current students and alumni alike. Sadly, with these events can come accidents, particularly during the homecoming parade. From fender benders to nasty slip and fall fiascoes, sometimes finding out who’s responsible can be a daunting task.

Determining Who’s Responsible

1. What kind of accident was it?

Given the dangers a parade can present, there are numerous possible accidents and injuries that can crop up. For example, if your car is towing the float and sideswipes a parked car or hits a spectator, the ramifications for your legal responsibilities and insurance are huge.

According to houston-accidentattorney.com, determining exactly what kind of accident you are dealing with will not only help you inventory any possible damage or injury, but it will also help you to find the correct kind of legal advice should you require it.

2. Was there alcohol involved?

Underage drinking is a sad fact of homecoming celebrations across the United States, and even adults can get carried away in the revelry. Driving a large float covered in decorations and students is difficult enough without adding the dangers of alcohol to the mix. While the police will likely look for signs of alcohol in an accident, it is important to be aware and alert them if you know that alcohol is involved.

3. What is the extent of the damage?

Creating a full inventory of the damage is important to ensure that you are covered should you need to make a claim against a defendant, or if you are the responsible party for the accident. Have your car fully inspected by a professional mechanic who can also advise if the damage goes further than just cosmetic. It is also important to visit your doctor to check for whiplash or any other potential injuries.

4. Did the accident happen on school property?

The location of the accident can make a huge difference in the handling of an accident or injury case, particularly if the accident happened on school grounds. Find out if any waivers were signed as a condition of participation and bring this to the attention of your legal professional. While the school’s insurance could be liable for injury, it depends on the circumstances surrounding it.

5. Keep your documents handy.

As with any potential legal case, keeping your documents and getting copies of all paperwork is important to ensure that your attorney will have all the available information to help you. Ask for copies of doctor’s and police reports for your file, and ensure you write down as much information as possible so you don’t forget anything.

Though nobody sets out to have an accident or get injured during homecoming festivities, it still does happen. By ensuring you have as much evidence as possible and all the facts, you will be much better prepared in the long run.

Debbie Nguyen is a designer and blogger. Her high school son just recently helped with the construction of his class float. In researching, Debbie found houston-accidentattorney.com to be a good resource should legal assistance be needed for school-related car accidents.

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