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Homeless And Travelers Aid Society

What Is Homeless And Travelers
Aid Society?

Helping the Capital District of the State of New York, the Homeless, and Travelers Aid Society aids the homeless and the poor so that they can lead safe, self-sufficient, and independent lives. Established in 1924, the society serves as the center for access point, assessment, and intake of emergency shelter system in the Albany County. Through its experience and skills, it is able to take advantage of a comprehensive approach in dealing with forensics, domestic violence, housing, employment, mental health, and emergency help for the homeless.

The Homeless and Travelers Aid Society Programs

Emergency Services

24-HESP (24 Hour Homeless Emergency Services Program) aids in placing homeless youth, children, single adults, and families in area shelters where professional, compassionate, and caring case managers joins together people through the community and HATAS services.

After Hours Heating Emergency Assistance Program (HEAP) provides assistance to low-income families in Albany County who are in need of emergency heating and fuel during holidays, weekends, and evenings.

Supportive housing, on the other hand, is a program for individuals and families who have disabling conditions. Through this program, HATAS assist these people in finding housing for them and support them these people in order for them to achieve their self-sufficiency goals.

Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Re-housing (HPRP) is a program, which helps low-income families in Albany who are being evicted from their homes.

Permanent Supportive Housing

Shelter Plus Care is a housing program, which offers case management and rental subsidies to homeless people with mental illness. The program provides community and treatment services so that these people can lead a life of self-sufficiency and independence. Support and life-building skills are offered by caring and professional case managers.

Pathways Project joins employment and housing support for households who have a disabling condition and homelessness problems. Such program offers treatment and community services, case management, employment placement assistance, job readiness training, and service planning and rental subsidies.

Mental Health Programs

The Community Transition Team aids patients and hospital staff by identifying the rightful residential choice in the neighborhood. It also guides patients as they return to the community by ensuring that all the necessary assistance and supports are in place.

The Aging Out Adolescent Program, on the other hand, helps adolescents who are in the children’s mental health hospitals to transfer to adult services and independently live. Employment, vocational training, education, housing, case management, and counseling are also offered.

Albany Hands is a program, which deals with those individuals who are at risk and homeless, are non-violent as they live with their mental illness and other substance abuse problems. The program also works with treatment providers and the local courts in order to develop plans where these individuals are not incarcerated but instead treated and connected with employment and housing.

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