How to Pay for Drug Rehab

Any parent that has dealt with teenage drug addiction knows it can take quite the toll on everyone involved. They also know that getting their teen addict into drug rehab can be a chore in itself. Between the struggles and payment arrangements, it is definitely not an easy task. If you are the parent of a teen addict and are unsure of how to pay for drug rehab, the following article offers some suggestions.


When you are making arrangements for your teenage son or daughter to enter a drug rehab facility, the first payment method to consider is insurance. If your teen is currently covered under a private health insurance company, chances are the company may pay a portion of the rehab costs. You should check with your insurance company right away to find out the details on rehab coverage. State-funded health insurances such as Medicaid may also pay for drug rehab. Again, check to see what is covered and what isn’t under your state’s laws. If you find that your teen’s insurance does indeed cover drug rehab, your next step is locating treatment facilities that accept the type of insurance your teen has.

You can also check into purchasing health insurance coverage for your teen prior to placing them in a treatment facility. If your place of employment does not offer insurance and your child is ineligible for state-funded insurance, you can look online at insurance comparison sites to find coverage that may be affordable for you. Sites such as will provide you with quotes from several companies so you can easily compare them side-by-side. Remember that insurance may not pay 100% of the costs, but it will certainly help to offset them.

Savings and Assets

If your teen does not have insurance coverage or their insurance coverage will not pay for drug rehab, next you may have to turn to money you have in savings or your assets. While you may not have planned on spending the money you have in savings on your teen’s recovery, most parents would do it in a heartbeat if it meant saving their son or daughter’s life. You can also consider any assets you may have. Would selling one or a few of them help you raise money to pay for drug rehab for your teen? If so, that may be another way to pay. Take a look around your house to see if there is anything else you could sell that would earn you a decent profit. Maybe that old music collection or antique table could bring in some extra money to help pay for your teen’s recovery. Like insurance, these methods may not pay all the costs associated with drug rehab, but they can help considerably.

Other Ways to Pay

There are also some other ways you can pay for drug rehab for your son or daughter. Your bank or credit union may be willing to give you a personal or medical loan to cover some or all of the costs. Credit cards are another option. If you have decent credit, you may be able to get a card with a high limit and low interest rate. Although you will have to pay back the money with these methods, chances are it is worth it to you. Several non-profit organizations that help fund drug addiction recovery also exist. If you take the time to seek out the help of these organizations, they will often help you pay for some portions of drug rehab. Lastly, you may have to turn to family and friends for help. If those close to you realize the magnitude of the situation and have the means to help, they may be more than happy to do so.

Even though paying for drug rehab can be incredibly overwhelming, at least you know you have several options for doing so. If your son or daughter has a chance at a fresh start, you are probably willing to do all you can to help them.