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Hiring the services of a parent coach is very popular nowadays. A parent coach is somebody, who helps parents attain their goals so that they can enjoy a fulfilled family life with their children. As a professional, a coach focuses on specific challenges or concentrates on general parenting skills and approach so that a parent can be effective in dealing with her children.  A parent coach focuses on clarifying what parents wish to accomplish by helping them set goals and map out an action plan. The professional coach offers techniques, perspective, and structure so that the parents can attain progress with their goals.

Debbie Katz is servicing Jewish families through J Parent. Being a Jew herself, she is dedicated in continuing the Jewish causes. She has more than 30 years of experience of helping Jewish parents by providing them with help, information, support, and advice as to how they will raise their children in a healthy and positive family. She is a Certified Coach for Parents and Families.