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What Is Kairos?

Kairos is therapeutic expeditions around Utah. It helps troubled and struggling young adults to change for the better through an engaging, compassionate, and safe environment. The center caters to young people, ages 18 to 29, who have issues such as:

The Kairos Young Adult Wilderness Adventure Therapy Program

Activities include still water or whitewater trips in canoes, kayaks, or rafts; arts and crafts; backpacking/hiking; primitive living skills; mountain biking; caving; rappelling; bouldering; top-rope rock climbing; snowboarding; and skiing which results to positive changes evident in the life of the young adult. Every activity aims to help the participants to attain a higher level of self-efficacy in order for them to draw metaphors to their lives as they learn new skills.

Kairos accepts participants anytime. However, before a participant is accepted, his/her past and current behavior is reviewed together with his/her parents and some experienced professional. Psycho-educational testing can also be requested as needed. Kairos offers a six to twelve week therapeutic program wherein a participant can stay in an average of 54 days.

The program has skilled and well-trained staff which focuses on each participant’s therapeutic assignments and treatment goals. Every week the participant’s progress is reviewed wherein new goals or modifications are added. Full chemical dependency, educational, and psychological evaluations are conducted when the participant completes a minimum of 2 weeks with Kairos. For those participants who haven’t graduated from high school, they can earn academic credits while in the program. Aftercare program is also available even after the participant has finished with the Kairos program.