Mack Strong Team Works Academy

Mack Strong Team-Works Academy

What Is Mack Strong Team-Works Academy?

The Team-Works Academy is Washington Chapter HOPE’s program all across the globe. HOPE is a faith-based development and relief organization, which is committed to serve the needy and poor. Founded in 1991, it offers services to at-risk people in the region of Puget Sound via the Mack Strong Team-Works Academy and seasonal services. The academy was founded in 2002 through the volunteer efforts of Zoe Higheagle Strong and Mack Strong, a Seattle Seahawks fullback.

The youth enhancement programs consist of sports and leadership camps, leadership development conferences and retreats, and after-school academy. The academy offers students an opportunity to enhance their reading and math abilities, develop their critical-reasoning skills, and sharply increase their levels of physical activity.

The Mack Strong Team-Works Academy Program

The academy helps create in underserved youngsters a strong character, strong body, and strong mind. It ensures the kids develop their knowledge and skills which they need to take pleasure in prosperous and healthy lives in the communities. It offers a learning environment, which is culturally supportive where each student is equipped with confidence and skills to obtain success not only inside the classroom but outside as well. Through the academy, the students show confidence in their capabilities, good attitude to school participation, knowledge about positive options and high-risk behaviors, taking part in physical activities and increased attendance in school.

Mack Strong Team-Works Academy offers study habits development, homework assistance, identification of math and reading gaps, and sessions for the students to have confidence and strengthen their academics. The kids also learn via the academy’s fitness and health curriculum where they are taught the importance and fun of having an active lifestyle in a supportive and safe environment.

In collaboration with Dr. Sharon Stoll, the Ethics Director at the University of Idaho, the academy is successful in teaching the kids to examine critically their social and personal values as well as practice strong character. The students are offered a learning environment, which is culturally relevant where they address real life issues like goal setting, time management, and social skills with the community and peers, safe attitudes toward alcohol and drugs, overcoming adversity, and conflict resolution.