Mental Health Services

In order to improve and contain health care, behavioral health must also be taken into consideration. There are individuals who have substance use and mental issues, which have been alienated from the present health care system. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration offers resources and leadership through grants, contracts, data and information, policies, and programs which can help the United States of America to act by knowing that individuals can recover from substance abuse and mental disorders; that treatment can be effective; that prevention is the key; and that behavioral health is an important component of a person’s overall health.

SMAHSA’s mission is to lessen the impact of mental illness and substance abuse all over the country. Founded in 1992, the organization was formed through Congress in order to solve effectively mental health and substance abuse issues, and to use research effectively and rapidly to the overall health care system.

Core competencies of the organization include managing and releasing block grants as well as pragmatic funding, and offering the public, communities, providers, and states with an excellent and most recent information about treatment, prevention, and behavioral health disorders.