Parent Coach Professionals

Parent Coach Professionals offer guidance and support for families who have a struggling young adult or teen. It offers a non-therapeutic approach in order to empower and direct families who are searching for ways to resolve conflict and find new directions to family encouragement and success in order to maintain involvement and consistency.

Parents often struggle to understand and communicate with the child as well as establish appropriate consequences and boundaries. Other parents also struggle with legal, social, and personal changes when their child moves towards independence. Parents are provided with support and guidance in order to deal with their child or family situation.

The first thing Parent Coach Professionals does is to hear the parent’s story so that they can understand the family’s hopes challenges, strengths, values, and family dynamics. Afterwards, the coach will then work with the parent to create a plan of action in order to address the current and future concerns while offering support and encouragement as the parent implement new parenting techniques and strategies.

Aside from the phone consultation, Parent Coach Professionals also have a home consultation package which are designed for parents who have a child who is returning home from an out of home placement; transitioning to another college, school, or program; returning home for the summer; suspended from college and school; and those parents who desire extra support for the transition plan of their child.