troubled teen help

North Texas Youth Connection provides emergency shelter for runaway, abused, and homeless teens. It also offers crisis intervention counseling free for children up to 17 years old, including their family, in some 15 counties in North Texas. Homeless, runaway, and child abuse preventions programs are also offered in communities.

North Texas Youth Connection has prevention and outreach services, which offers life skills for the youths and implemented in community centers, schools, and youth clubs. It has a network of volunteers, public places, and businesses, which reach out to young adults in crisis. Its STAR Family Connection program offers free counseling to families who have youths up to 17 years of age, who commit delinquent offenses, experience family conflict, are truant, or runaways. Parent support, life skills, and family counseling are offered in Collin and Rockwal, Rains, Delta, Hopkins, Clay, Archer, Wichita, Lamar, Hunt, Wise Montague, Fannin, Cooke, and Grayson counties.

A 14-bed emergency shelter is offered for young adults, aged 10 to 17, who are abused, homeless, and runaways who need a safe and temporary place to stay. While in the shelter, the youths goes through a Discovery program where they go through fun enrichment endeavors and experiential learning such as arts and crafts, field trips, group discussions, guest speakers, museum tours, games, and community service projects.

For homeless young adults, aged 16 to 21, a Transitional Living Program is offered for long-term requirements. The youth can attend school and/or gain and maintain meaningful employment while attending life skills classes monthly.

Toll-Free Crisis Hotline: 1-800-568-7776