One Tough Job

One Tough Job is both a website and campaign, which is sponsored by the Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund. The Trust Fund has been in existence since 1988 and has been working for the protection of children and strengthening of families. It also aims to support parents by offering information and skills so that they can be the best parents to their children. The One Tough Job website is for parents who want to learn parenting tips and styles to help them in rearing their kids.

The Massachusetts Children’s Trust Fund serves the state by focusing on the prevention of child neglect and abuse by parents by providing support so that families can be strengthened. The organization promotes, evaluates, and funds more than 100 agencies as they serve both children and parents in the state of Massachusetts. The organization is supported by private, federal, and state funding.

The Trust Fund works with the federal and state governments, private supporters and funders, human service agencies, communities and parents as they focus on families and children. Funding is centrally pooled and allocated to provide the optimum benefit for the common good of the whole state. The organization provides funding to community organizations and strives to research on the most appropriate strategies to help families as they struggle with their daily lives.

The organization also works in raising public awareness concerning the importance and availability of support programs for the family. Funding also goes to initiatives like public awareness, public policy, evaluation, training, and research in order to help children and families in Massachusetts.