Parent Further Resource for Families

ParentFurther helps parents raise successful, responsible, healthy, and caring children. It offers a comprehensive and easy-to-use resource, which builds a one-of-a-kind community, which offers access to everyday, practical steps and support with various parenting issues. The tools and information offered are all research-based which have been proven and tested.

With ParentFurther, parents are provided with every day, practical parenting tips and advice for various situations. Parents are taught how to teach their children positive values; how to focus on things, which are important to the family; how to find the knowledge and support parents, need so that they can rear their children successfully; and how to set boundaries and enforce consequences.

A Search Institute’s project, ParentFurther is a nonprofit, independent organization, which helps build healthy environments for all children. Search Institute offers resources, knowledge, and leadership to provide an environment where children can thrive. The content of ParentFurther’s website has been studied and approved by experts on positive youth development, education, child psychology, and parenting.

A nationwide network of parenting professionals, educators, and parents are being created so that a better world is built for children. ParentFurther helps build a strong community where members can ask questions, support each other, tell stories, and offer useful information. It also has various organizations and corporations as partners, which offer guidance and practical advice on the website.