Peer Pressure and How to Deal With It

You were a youth once so you probably know how it is like to deal with peer pressure. It is characteristic of children and teenager to strive hard to belong to a peer group. These are the days when they are establishing their individuality and still finding out how they really are.

Peer pressure can drive a weaker child to the pits of depression. If you don’t guide your child carefully, you might eventually have to deal with a troubled kid.

So how can you help your child deal with it?

Keep Communication Lines Open

Make sure you and your child maintains a close relationship. Encourage your child to talk about his or her day. This will make it easier for you to find out if they are dealing with peer pressure.

Widen Your Child’s Social Circle

It is easier for a child to succumb to peer pressure if he or she only knows and gets acquainted with limited number of people. If your child is exposed to various types of people, understand the differences in culture and values, he or she is less likely to succumb to peer pressure.

So try encouraging your child to join extra curricular activities such as sports, arts and music. During summer, have your child join summer camps for character development.

Be A Role Model

Talk to them about your own experiences with peer pressure and how you went through them. Be understanding of the differences in your situations but stress out the fact that peer pressure doesn’t happen if you have friends for keeps. As a parent, you should also keep friends who are good influences to their kids.

 Give Them Advice But Let Them Work It Out

As much as possible, steer them in the right direction but make sure you also give them the chance to express how they want to deal with peer pressure.

Amy Fountain is a psychologist who focuses on child health and wellness. She likes to blog about proper child care and development. She is also the owner of the Tabletop Fountains and Home Décor Art websites.