Practical Solutions Parent Coaching

Practical Solutions Parent Coaching is an entity founded by Rhonda Moskowitz with the aim of helping parents deal with child-oriented dilemmas. Rhonda Moskowitz is a parenting consultant, administrator, and trained educator. She has a Master’s degree holder in K-12 Learning and Behavior Disabilities as well as parent coaching certification. With more than ten years experience, she has worked with schools and has assisted many clients with practical guidance, consultation, and information.

Parent coaching services can be received in private through Skype or phone. If a parent is based in the Central Ohio area, Rhonda Moskowitz can offer face-to-face coaching services so that parents can enjoy a happy family life with their children. Consulting services can also be administered the same way as the parent coaching services. Consulting, however, is more specific in nature. A parent is helped with her specific issues or concerns.

Practical Solutions Parent Coaching also offers Screamfree Parenting Classes, which are session held in groups and focusing on the principles of Hal Runkel’s Screamfree Parenting approach. Classes can be in-person with the Central Ohio area, Skype, or phone. Practicum is also offered so that session attendees can make use of the Screamfree principles they learned. Private Screamfree consulting is also offered.

Parents with ADHD-diagnosed child can also tap on the services of Practical Solutions Parent Coaching. Administered in private, the sessions help parents deal with the challenges of having a special child with ADHD.