Put Me In Coach, I’m Ready To Parent!

Although there are certain aspects of parenting that come naturally, including the desire to keep your children safe, there are still several things that all parents need to do. In other words, it does not matter if you are a child’s biological parent, their stepparent, or their foster parent, because you are still going to have questions about many of the same topics. For every stage of your child’s life, there will be different difficulties you must face. From toilet training to dealing with sexuality or substance abuse, you will most likely want to either discuss techniques with other parents or read a book that will help you make the process go more smoothly.

No Training Manual

No matter how much some parents want to believe that they have everything under control, the truth is that children do not come with training manuals, and this can cause complications. Even if you have already raised other children, your stepchild or foster child could take basic teenage experimentation too far and end up with a serious substance abuse issue.

If this happens, the odds are high that you are not going to know the best course of action to take without seeking help from an outside source. There are wonderful resources to turn to for this kind of help, such as the Noomii life coach directory. There is no reason to feel ashamed to ask for help, and you can rest assured that there is nothing that you are doing wrong that brought about your child’s recent behavior.

Needs for Help

Issues you might need help with when your child is young might be toilet training, establishing good sleep habits, eating well-rounded and healthy meals, and even riding a two-wheel bicycle without the training wheels.

It gets harder as your child grows older. Many parents have a difficult time figuring out how to deal with the mood swings that accompany puberty. If your stepchild or foster child becomes very withdrawn or depressed, it is possible that they are abusing drugs or dealing with a hostile situation at school. They might be dealing with a bully or they could even be facing turmoil associated with their sexuality. Even though society has become more accepting of homosexuality, it is still difficult for many teenagers to deal with the feeling that they are different from their peers.

Serious Issues

Whether a child or teenager comes to you with an issue or you simply observe that something is wrong, it is important to start a dialogue. Make sure that you take an open-minded approach and keep the judgmental tone out of your voice. Otherwise, they are likely to shut you out, and this can lead to serious consequences. Keep in mind that going to a counselor is often the best option for children and teens that are having an extremely difficult time.

Regardless of the type of issue that you are facing, you should always feel free to ask other parents for their input. It is also a good idea to read up as much as you can about each applicable topic, or seek help from professionals. By admitting that you occasionally need outside assistance, you can become a better parent, period.


Debbie Nguyen is a mother of two teenage boys in the Atlanta area. She has torn her hair out numerous times dealing with issues ranging from their learning disabilities to self-esteem and happiness. Her research has found that the Noomii life coach directory is a great place to search for the perfect life coach to better yourself and your parenting.

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