Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative

Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative is a non-profit entity established in 2004 to help troubled teens and their families in dealing with emotional issues related to substance abuse. It also cooperates with educational lawyers, rehabilitation centers, boarding schools, wilderness programs, educational consultants, and health organizations to support and fund these families in completing the therapeutic programs they need but they do not cannot afford.

Because it can be difficult to search for the right help for youths with substance abuse and emotional issues, Saving Teens in Crisis Collaborative offers a framework to which parents who can’t afford help can rely on such framework to help them in searching for long-term help from the right providers. Each youth and family in the program go through emotional and financial support for up to 2 years as they go through evaluation, education, intervention, and aftercare.

The Saving Teens program offers a multi-disciplinary and multi-step evaluation involving the participation of educational consultants, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists. The educational consultants work with the medical team in order to create a long term and individualized program for every youth in the program.

After the evaluation process, the youth enters a rehabilitation center or wilderness program so that he can be removed from his current environment and to stop any substance abuse and/or dysfunctional behavior. Family conflict must also be diffused thus he needs to be away from his present surroundings. Saving Teens not only provide funding for this endeavor, it also coordinates everything, which may be needed by the youth in the intervention program.

After the intervention process, the youth then goes through an education and recovery plan. The educational programs offer complete development in the fields of physical, social, emotional, and intellectual aspects. A safe and nurturing environment is provided as the youth goes through wilderness, recreation, individual and group therapy, and academic support experiences. After the 2-year program, the youth is ready to pursue a college degree or a job.

Saving Teens also offers aftercare scholarship because it realizes that each youth who have gone through intensive therapeutic program may find it difficult to integrate his new behaviors to his environment. The short-term transitional support aims to provide assistance as the youth and his family go through a new life together.