Brush Creek Academy

Brush Creek Academy is a lower-cost Christian boarding school located in Oklahoma designed for troubled boys, aged 13-17, who are struggling with life-controlling issues. It is a 12-15 month residential program which aims to help boys find their place in God’s plan.

Brush Creek is run by Oklahoma Teen Challenge. The primary focus is to restore the relationship between the teen and their family. Therapy, mentoring, and the demonstration of practical spiritual principles work to help troubled teens that have gotten off track in life.

Teens and their families are given the tools and resources to succeed in life, including: academically, relationally and spiritually. Brush Creek Academy helps struggling boys start on the path to a fulfilling life, giving them the means to become joyous, confident, self-reliant, and successful adults.

BBall-2-300x200The dedicated staff at Brush Creek Academy are experienced with helping troubled teens. Mentoring and a faith-based approach are vital to transforming the lives of young men. BCA staff are professionals from all over the country, drawn here by their passion and their calling to help troubled teens.

The spiritual approach is the basis of all therapeutic programs at Brush Creek Academy. Everything done here is based upon the spiritual component. Most students come to this academy rebelling against faith and a spiritual upbringing that perhaps they do not fully understand. BCA only accept teens who have had a Christian upbringing, but have gotten themselves off track and lost their faith.

BCA is a decidedly Christian school. However, students are never forced to accept what is presented, nor are they ostracized or punished if they do not. The goal is the development of true faith in the teens here, something that can never be accomplished through force or disciplinary action. The boys must come to their own understanding of faith. A relationship with Christ built in such a way will last a lifetime, and that is the goal for students. Service was a key component in the teachings of Christ. In following His message, one can see students change from self-centered thinking to a lifestyle that revolves around putting others first.

Grad-with-Mom-300x200Some therapeutic boarding schools sacrifice academics in favor of therapy. At Brush Creek Academy, both are important and the academic aspect is strongly emphasized. The fully accredited educational program operates year-round. An individual educational plan is developed for each student. This plan is used throughout their stay here to regularly evaluate and gauge individual progress, ensuring the boys remain on track to achieve their goals.

Many boys here were once good students in the past. Others lack motivation and have been squandering their potential by not applying themselves. Their emotional and conduct issues had been interfering with their academics, preventing them from achieving what parents often know they are capable of. At Brush Creek, these behavioral issues are addressed, and once straightened out, it is shown that the students often return to excel in school.

Students must demonstrate mastery, not merely a passing grade, before moving forward academically. Tutors are readily available to help when testing shows that a student is falling behind or struggling. Students also have the opportunity to improve their pre-existing GPA, in addition to their core classes. They can recover lost credits as well, ensuring that they leave Brush Creek Academy with their academics in good standing.

Truck-Project-2-300x200While the student is at Brush Creek Academy working on his behaviors, the healing must continue outside the campus as well. The family environment is a large part of the students’ recovery. Brush Creek Academy aims to bring hope and restoration to the entire family, not only the student. Many parents have tried many methods to help their teen, unsuccessfully. The family program at BCA includes parent coaching, parallel studies with their student, conferences, parent advocacy, and phone contact, all with the goal of reunification in mind.

God designed every teen for a unique purpose. It is the goal of BCA to help young men discover this purpose. Along the way, students recover academically, the family is given time and tools for healing, and a positive, healthy reunification becomes possible.