Senior Trip Abroad? Planning Safe Travel for your Teen

It is natural to feel concerned if your teenager has the opportunity to take their senior trip abroad. However, there are several steps that you can take to help ensure that they will have a safe and smooth traveling experience. It is also important to remember that having the opportunity to explore other countries is a great way to open your teen’s mind to other cultures, and they will also be able to learn a lot about history. By following these tips you can help your teen plan for a safe but perfect senior trip abroad.

1. Selecting Safe Modes of Travel

Your teen will be at a disadvantage once they arrive in a new country because they will not have any firsthand knowledge of all of their available transportation options. Fortunately, you can easily research these options before they leave, and you can also pre-book trains and other modes of transportation. For example, you can arrange for shuttle transport online with companies such as to pick up your teenager from the airport, and this will provide them with a convenient, time-efficient and safer method for reaching their hotel than relying on hailing a taxi.

2. Consider Purchasing a Leg Wallet

Although it is possible that your teen could be mugged anywhere in the world, it is more likely for a pickpocket to target them if they are in a popular tourist area. Therefore, if the majority of their itinerary is based around high-profile attractions, you should consider getting them a leg wallet so that they can safely store their passport and money. After all, the vast majority of thieves are not going to take the time to do anything more than check their target’s back pocket or grab their purse.

3. Get Them an International Cell Phone

The cheapest way for your teenager to reach home while they are traveling abroad is for them to utilize a Wi-Fi enabled international cell phone. This will give them the opportunity to contact you via the Internet without paying the exorbitant fees for placing a telephone call. However, it will be imperative to ensure that they understand that they need to turn the Wi-Fi on and the phone signal off. If their current cellphone is not able to be used internationally, you can rent a phone just for their trip. Additionally, the cost of sending a text message to the states is much cheaper than placing a call, so this is another option if they are unable to utilize Wi-Fi.

4. Help Them Create an Itinerary for Each Day

Pre-planning the majority of your teenager’s daily activities during their trip will make it easier to purchase any of the necessary tickets in advance so that they do not need to worry about carrying a lot of money with them. As an added bonus, this will also make it much easier for you to ensure that everything is going smoothly. After all, if they fail to make one of their check-ins, it will be much easier for you to give the local authorities a good idea of the last area that they visited. The experience of taking a senior trip to another country is one that will stick with your teen for the rest of their life. Therefore, it is a good idea to encourage them to take this type of trip, but you should also make sure that they have everything they will need for a smooth and safe experience. With teens of her own, Lisa Coleman understands a parent’s worry that can accompany teens and their need for independence, including traveling far off on a senior trip with friends and classmates. Ensuring safety is essential. Photo Credit: teen help