Sobering Statistics

Sobering Statistics Every Teen Should Know About Drinking

When you are raising your child, there will come a time where they grow up into a teenager. As a teenager, your child will start to meet new friends, wear different styles of clothing, and may even start to rebel. Dealing with a teenager is definitely not easy if you are not prepared for the challenge. You will need to be open to discussing several different serious topics like sex, drugs, and alcohol. While you might assume that drinking and driving is discussed in school, it is important for parents to focus on the seriousness of drinking and driving. Students will participate with lessons that discuss alcohol and its effects but they take more to the heart when they discuss such important information with their parents. If you are not sure how to approach the conversation, you may want to consider researching the statistics before you sit your teenager down. Here are some of the sobering statistics you may want to mention when you are having the mandatory speech about drinking and driving:

Statistics That May Make Your Teenager Think Twice About Drinking and Driving

While you would like to hope that your child will abstain from drinking alcohol until they are of a legal drinking age, statistics show that the average male will take his first drink at the age of 11. If you have a daughter, you might be surprised to find out that the average female tries alcohol at the age of 13. You cannot ignore the statistics and need to open your eyes to the reality that teenagers are drinking very young no matter what their home life is like. Our lawyer at advises that because Americans drink the most in their teenage years and early twenties, you need to use the statistics to your advantage to stress the importance of never getting behind the heel while your teenager is intoxicated. Here are some sobering statistics that you can use when you are talking about the problem
    • 8 teenagers are killed each day because of drinking and driving.
    • Out of all of the teenagers who pass, 60 percent of the deaths are caused by drinking and driving.
    • About 40 percent of all fatal car crashes involve teens when alcohol is involved.
    • Teens who start drinking at the age of 15 are four times more likely to become alcohol dependent when they are an adult.

Relate the Statistics to Real Life

One of the best ways to get through to your teenager is to relate the statistics to real life. Chances are that you know someone from your high school that was killed or injured in an alcohol-related accident. You can use this story and tell your child how that death affected your high school community. You can also take time to organize alcohol-free parties so you can encourage your teenager to have fun without drinking. If your son or daughter does attend a party where alcohol is served, you need to stress that they should call you for a ride home whenever they need a ride. You cannot threaten them or scare them because this will make them resort to getting behind the wheel while they are drunk. If you have this agreement, your child will do everything possible for you to trust that they are responsible. Giving your child the statistics alone is not enough to stop them from drinking and driving. If your child has been arrested for a DUI and they are not of legal drinking age, you will want to locate a criminal defense attorney who can help you defend your child’s rights so they get the best representation possible when they make their first mistake.