Teen Tattoos: How To Talk Your Child Out of Permanent Body Art

Talking to your teenager about anything can be difficult. They are very opinionated, very determined, and very against anything their parents say. It is not because they do not love or respect their parents; it is simply because they are struggling with growing up. Approaching them about something as life-changing as a permanent tattoo can be hard, but it must be done.

Body art has become very symbolic for teens. It is a way for them to assert their adulthood. It is a way for them to support a cause, to show their personal feelings, to express themselves. However, many teens forget the most important thing about tattoos, which is the fact that they are permanent.

You need to discuss with your teen that you respect their choices and the way they wish to express themselves, but that you disagree with this wholeheartedly. You need to offer them reasons why it is not a good choice, and you need to offer them a solution.

Reasons Not To Use Permanent Body Art

• Opinions Change. As people grow, which they do their whole life, their opinions on everything change. It is part of growing as a person. Explain to your teen that what they feel is super important right now may not be important at all when they are twenty five or forty five, yet they will still have that permanent tattoo on their body. The tattoo will become a grim reminder of something they no longer care for and will become an object of dissatisfaction.
• Tattoos Fade. With time, tattoos fade and become dull and ugly. Ask your teen if they are willing to continually have their body art recolored for the rest of their life so that they do not look worn out or bad. Remind them that as their body changes over time, so will the shape and coloring of their tattoos.
• Career Choices. Remind your teen that covering themselves in permanent tattoos may limit their choices of employment. Some professions simply will not tolerate body art. While this may not be fair, and body art does not determine talent or success, some professions find this type of art work unacceptable and will not hire someone regardless of value if they are covered in tattoos.

Offer An Alternative

Tell your teen at the same time that you respect their desire to try body art and express themselves. Tell them, however, that there is an option they can chose that will allow them the freedom to express themselves and not permanently change their body forever. Remind them that there is temporary body art available that will allow them to have the appearance of body art without the complications. 

From temporary tattoo sleeves to dainty designs, if you can dream it for a real tattoo, it can be made into a fake one. Encourage them to experiment with the different designs that are available or create their own. Let them know that by using temp tatts they can change their opinions and express themselves more because they can change their body art as they change as a person.