The National Runaway Switchboard

The National Runaway Switchboard is designated by the federal government to be the national communication system for homeless and runaway youth. Teenagers and their family members can call the hotline 24/7 if they have problems and want help regarding social service organizations and agencies. Callers can call if they need counseling, medical assistance, food, shelter or if they just want someone to listen to their woes. They may be living on the streets or having problems with other issues. The National Runaway Switchboard attempts to work with these people so that they have all the available options not to leave their homes.

The NRS or National Runaway Switchboard helps at-risk, homeless, and runaways youths in the United States of America so that they remain off the streets and safe. It offers interventions and education as well as non-judgmental and non-sectarian support. It offers its services 24/7 as wells as works with volunteers. It also keeps everything confidential.

Founded in 1971, the National Runaway Switchboard offers an all-inclusive crisis intervention for youths. Located in Chicago, the hotline services all needy people in the United States of America including Guam, US Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico. Funded by the US Dept. of Health and Human Services, Family and Youth Services Bureau in the Administration for Children and Families, as well as private donors, foundation grants, and corporate partners, the National Runaway Switchboard offers help to concerned individuals who work with young people; parents who have problems with their child; parents who have a runaway child; young adults who are in crisis or are planning to run away; and homeless, throwaway, and runaway youths.