The Parenting Coach

Because of the uniqueness of each family, each parent deal with unique challenges using their special strengths so that the kid can have the best family the parent can provide him.

Barbara Desmarais has been working children since 1973, the year she earned her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She also had worked with deaf children as well as adults. She realized she could work with parents when she led a course for deaf parents in 1988. She also led courses in “Systematic Training for Effective Parenting.”

She has more than 20 years experience in facilitating parenting workshops in the British Columbia area of Vancouver. She began her life coach training in 2002 and soon launched her website The Parenting Coach. Parent coaching sessions are usually done over the phone in a confidential and personal manner.

When hiring a parenting coach, parents must choose someone who can collaborate with them in achieving the family life they want. A parent coach usually aids in clarifying issues about the parents so that they can realize their solutions to their challenges on their own. Parent coaching offers parenting tools, which parents can use effectively with their children so that the desired outcome can be realized.