The Walking Debt: The Student Loan Problem

The Walking Debt The Student Loan ProblemWould you rather take on a risky debt or not have a college education? That is the dilemma today’s students face. Given the historically high unemployment rates in the U.S., many students are now graduating with a large amount of debt that they are unable to repay because they cannot find jobs.
While a large amount of students still feel that getting a college education is important, they also fear that the debt may be more than they can handle. In 2010, the debt was too heavy a burden for 320,000 students who defaulted on their college loans.
In 2011, college students graduated with an average of $22,900 in student loan debt. The typical monthly payment on such a debt is $263, which is a lot for someone who is unemployed. Should the government do more to help students bear the cost of a college education?

From: Top Colleges Online