The Worst Summer Jobs You Could Ever Have

troubled teen helpSummer is once again in full effect and while many are busily surfing through top summer destinations, there are those who are spending a great deal of time perusing the classifieds.

Summertime always has a way of calling to mind beautiful images of sandy shores, blue waters, and fun and freedom with friends. While a few lucky individuals have the luxury of all fun and no responsibilities, average folks like us need to find work to pay for next year’s college expenses and basic gas money.

Making the most of your summer vacation includes earning as much cash as you can while you have the time for it. Unfortunately, not all available jobs this season involve watching cuties in their swimwear or interning at an interesting company that offers real future job experience. Most summer jobs are boring as hell and don’t pay well at all.

If you are on the hunt for a rewarding and enjoyable part time job this summer then make sure to steer clear of these offers.

Amusement Park Attendant

While the first few days may prove to be exciting as you are given backstage access to what goes on inside an amusement park. Over time, the novelty is bound to wear off and you will be forcing yourself face the throng of families needing your constant attention.

Apart from getting minimum wage, working as an amusement park attendant also exposes you to the blazing heat of the sun. Add that to the fact that you will have to constantly deal with noisy children and exhausted parents and you will quickly finding yourself running for the parking lot and escape.


As the summer season allows many of us to enjoy our backyard more often, the demand for landscaping companies goes through the roof. But are you really ready for this type of work? Unless you really have the passion for plants and grass, you are just asking for heat stroke and disappointment.

Working under the grueling rays of the sun without any shade or reprieve can be detrimental to your health leading to dehydrating and muscle fatigue. While this job undoubtedly pays well when compared to other summer opportunities, that’s because the work load is so intense and under harsh conditions.


Have you ever noticed how your neighborhood seems to fill up with flyers once the summer season begins? This is because a number of companies take advantage of the good weather to hire additional promoters to plaster or give out flyers across the neighborhood. While the job is a no-brainer, walking around in the middle of a hot day can lead to extreme dehydration. Plus, you get to annoy your crabby neighbors who want nothing to do with whatever it is you are selling.


If you live in an area where tourists frequent during the summer months, then getting a job as a housekeeper can be easy. The only catch is that you have to deal with some of the worst working conditions especially if you have wild college kids coming in to party hard.


If you are not into pets, then might as well avoid taking this job. Looking after your neighbor’s pit bull is no easy job unless you are the dog whisperer. If you are not careful enough, you can just end up with a nasty bite or scrape at the end of your shift.

If you want to earn and still enjoy your summer break then try to avoid getting any of these jobs. Instead, think about a way to get actual work experience in a field you are interested. Hospitals always need help, if you are considering healthcare. Businesses often offer internships that can lead to a real job after graduation.