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Then vs. Now: How Much Have Kids Changed in a Generation?


Crazy teenagers of one generation become worried parents of the next. They can only hope the mistakes made when they were teenagers aren’t repeated by their children and life is better than they had it growing up.

They want their children to do better in education. They want their kids to score higher on the SATs with more high school graduations, hopefully leading to an increase in enrollment for college. The past generation hopes the next generation is healthier by taking better care of themselves than they did as teenagers. They wish for their children to think about their actions and what it means for their long term health and future. They even hope technology will make life easier than it was when they were teenagers.

So, how does the generation that watched E.T phone home in 1982 compare to the generation who can phone home any time and any place in 2012? It looks like a lot changes over the course of one generation.

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