Visitation Rights: The Effects of Divorce on Children

Despite the fact that many couples today end up in divorce court, children whose parents decide to get divorced often suffer the initial shock and sadness of learning that their family life is about to change greatly. As they come to terms with the fact that one parent will be moving out of the family home, children still look to their parents to forge a new sense of normal to which they can all adjust.

However, some parents fail to realize what that new normal should be or how they can work toward it as a single parental unit. As people proceed through their divorce case, they may keep these tips in mind when they think about how they want to settle child custody and child visitation matters.

The Comforts of Home and Shared Custody

Most judges today allow parents to share custody of minor children as long as both parents are deemed fit by the court and the attorneys working the case. As long as both parents are deemed safe and loving toward the children, they are encouraged to work out an agreement on how they will share their children fairly.

Many judges recommend that the children live with the parent who is to remain in the family home, with the other parent receiving time on the weekends, summers, and holidays. People going through a divorce may realize that it is vital to allow the children the familiarity and comfort of the family home rather than uprooting them to a new house or apartment.

Working out Schedules with an Attorney’s Help

When it comes to making out a fair visitation schedule, parents may need the help of an experienced attorney. One group of divorce lawyers Tucson AZ based states “As bad as a divorce will end up for the children, things can turn out in their favor if their future is addressed.” Even if the entire process seems foreign to the parents, the attorney more than likely will have assisted in numerous cases similar to the one being decided right now.

The attorney can recommend a workable schedule for visitation by which both parents can abide. This schedule also can be the most conducive for fostering security and happiness for the children.

Coming to Grips with the Many Holidays

When the holidays approach, couples who are at most times amicable toward each other may resolve to fighting over with whom the children should spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other important holidays. Children ideally want to spend time with both parents; however, it is up to the parents to work out a schedule that allows both of them to see the children during the holidays.

If they cannot work out an agreement, their attorney again can come to their aide. When they can reach a viable agreement, they can look forward to doing what is best for their children and themselves.

Even under the best of terms, parents often need legal help when it comes to child custody and visitation during and after the divorce proceedings. Using these strategies, parents can make the divorce transition as seamless as possible for their little ones at home. They can also solidify their agreements by retaining experienced legal counsel before the case goes to court.

Lisa Coleman shares some of the effects divorce can have on children, and the importance of establishing and maintaining a regular visitation agreement. She recently viewed online how a divorce lawyers Tucson based law firm can help establish such an agreement.

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