Help your Teenager Suceed


What Is Vive?

Vive is an organization offering therapeutic mentoring for teenagers along with coaching their parents for the much need support. Both parents and mentors support the family by offering real time, experiential support in the teenager’s home. Vive has regional offices in Boston, New York, Atlanta, Chicago, Denver/Boulder, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Vive differs from other organizations offering the same therapies and programs because it builds its programs and services around the family. Through its therapeutic family systems methodologies, the family is involved to make the teenager’s environment safe for his/her growth and development. Vive has therapeutic parent coaches and therapeutic mentors who encourage families by providing practical applications of commitments, insights, and new skills so that all changes are long-lasting. The organization also works directly with the family in their environment. Unlike other organizations, Vive goes to the teenager’s community, school, or home.

Vive helps teenagers and their families who have problems dealing with any life event or a difficult transition. These teenagers may be dealing with moderate emotional dilemmas. They may have trouble adjusting to the new phase of their lives as a college student or they may need help in adjusting to a new life after their residential treatment. They may also need support with whatever emotional difficulties they may be facing like eating, anger, and low self-esteem, anxiety, or depression issues.

The Vive Program

Vive offers early intercession services, transformation and after-care support, support for those who wish to be independent, and parent coaching. Early intervention programs offer a healing mentor and healing parent coach who work with the family of the teenager, who is experiencing a behavioral shift towards an unhealthy path which can be manifested by school attendance issues, eating and cutting issues, and alcohol and drug use. The aftercare and transition support offer help to families, who have teenagers, who have just returned home from any residential treatment. Both the therapeutic mentor and healing parent coach provide help at this time of transition after residential treatment.

The independent living program, on the other hand, offers help to teenagers who are either going to college or are starting to live alone. Parent coaching is the process of providing comprehensive and powerful coaching so that parents are able to handle any teenage problem their children will face.

The core of all the Vive services are based on four principles: action-oriented, reality grounded, dual approach, and heart-centered approach. The heart-centered approach focuses on relationship and connection in order to really uncover and connect to each teenager’s heart. The dual approach not only works on the teenager but with the parents as well so that results can be long-lasting and the family culture is fostered positively. By action-oriented, it means that Vive’s approach is actively applied so that the teenager learns from real-life situations. Reality grounded means that Vive provides services to the teenager and his/her family in their own life setting.