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What Is Wings Of America?

The Earth Circle Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by William E. Channing and his friends in Santa Fe, New Mexico, established wings of America. Wings was founded in 1988 with the objective of strengthening the majority of “at risk” Native American youth population in the United States of America. By way of youth improvement programs integrating cross country running, Wings has discovered a distinctive way to guide the Indian youth in conquering his/her life problems and to preserve as well as foster his/her proud culture. Cross country running has an essential spot in the ceremonial as well as religious customs of the Native American people.

The objective of Wings is to improve the quality of life of Native American youth. In collaboration with Native organizations, Wings utilizes running as a catalyst to enable the Alaskan Native and Native American youth to acquire pride not only in him/her but in his/her ethnic identity as well, leading to improved harmony, balance, hope and leadership, health and wellness, and self-esteem. In a Wings survey in 2000, the outcome demonstrated a 99% rate of high school graduation, with 94% of youths heading towards higher education. Outcomes of the study pointed out that Wings of America participants are obtaining a greater level of schooling, less usage of unlawful drugs and alcohol, have reduced cases of arrests, more bodily active, having their first child later than the average by a year or two, and sustaining healthier lives more than their peers in the larger general and Native American youth populations.

The Wings of America Programs

Wings of America works in collaboration with personal contributors as well as corporations and foundations. After 21 years of youth advancement services, Wings has supporter more than 21,000 American Indian youths. Incorporated in Wings programming is the National Cross Country Championship program created to raise competitive Native teams as well as individual runners. Since first taking part in the National Junior Cross Country Champions in 1988, the Wings-sponsored groups have gained more than 18 national championship titles.

Furthermore, Wings presents clinicians, speakers, and other assistance to races, fairs, athletic banquets, conferences, and wellness programs. Annually, Wings chooses groups of junior runners, aged 14 to 19, throughout the USA for a completely subsidized trip to the USA Winter National Junior Cross Country Championships. Since 1988, Wings runners have won more than 18 titles, a feat unparalleled in the country. The program brings together Native youths and provides them with cross-cultural as well as intercultural exchange. Several of the participants remain in contact with one another and form enduring friendships.

Camps are organized in Indian localities to concentrate on healthy and good lifestyle options. Activities consist of nutrition education, chemical abuse prevention, fitness, and running exercises, and conventional Indian games. Wing runners, who are in college, conduct the camps while high school sprinters also work as fellow leaders as well as role models.