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Young Marines

What Is Young Marines?

Young Marines is a service and education program for boys and girls, which is focused in promoting physical, moral, and mental development of its cadets, ages 8 years up to high school completion. It is determined to provide leadership and character building that promotes a drug-free, healthy lifestyle. For a youth to enter the Young Marines program, he/she must be in academic good standing.

military school placement adviceYoung Marines is based in the community and run by adult volunteers in more than 300 communities in the United States of America and other countries. It is like Camp Fire or Boy/Girl Scout where units meet weekly. Adult volunteers are reserve, active duty, retired, or former Marines who spend each effort to instill positive values such as commitment, courage, and honor on the participants.

The Young Marines Program

Each participant to a local Young Marines unit undergoes an orientation program which lasts for 26 hours and spread over the week or weeks. It is during this orientation program where a participant is taught military rank structure, physical fitness, close order drill, customs and courtesies, and history. After the orientation program, the program can continue to be a member of the Young Marines, wear the prescribed uniform, learn new skills, work towards awards, and earn rank. Ribbon awards are earned in areas like drug resistance education, first aid, academic excellence, swimming, community service, and leadership.


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