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What Is Youth Bridge?

Youth Bridge offers shelter, counseling, and preventative services, which aims to create better communities and strengthen families. It is a nonprofit organization, which offers its services to the young people plus their families, which have been experiencing behavioral problems, mental health issues, homelessness, addiction, neglect, and abuse. It provides transitional living, prevention programs, support and aftercare, personalized treatment plans, and urgent safe haven.

Youth Bridge is the only organization for community-based services, which are court appointed in Northwest Arkansas. It is the only program approved to implement residence programs for youths who have substance abuse issues. It is also the only organization, which offers Multi-systemic Family Help Therapy services. Youth Bridge is also one of three agencies in the whole of Arkansas, which offers a Runaway and Homelessness Youth service. It is also the only one, which supports and provides the National Safe Place service in Northwest Arkansas.

Serving eight counties in Arkansas namely Washington, Newton, Marion, Madison, Carroll, Boone, Benton, and Baxter, Youth Bridge can accommodate at most 26 young men who have substance abuse issues for its residential services. In Benton County, it can also service at most 24 youths in its emergency shelter program. The Transitional Living Program can serve up to eight young women, aged 16 to 17, in one group home environment. Transitional Living is one program, which caters to young people from 18 to 23 years of age. The Transitional Living Program housed in apartments is servicing young families or young adults, aged 18 to 23.

Youth Bridge also monitors young women in foster homes through the Department of Child and Family Services. It also has an outpatient treatment program for young adults and their families who are into substance abuse. In Washington and Benton Counties, it offers intensive counseling to young adults who are drug court recipients. It also has specialized programs for parenting and pregnant teens.

The Youth Bridge Programs

Youth Bridge offers social support and educational services to both outpatient and residential patients. The young adults are taught life skills and social education, and each is accorded tutorial services. Therapeutic Group Home and Residential Substance Abuse patients can obtain a college credit, GED, or a high school diploma. It is also implementing a clinical treatment service, which consists of drug screens, group counseling, substance abuse counseling, family counseling, outpatient and residential counseling, and diagnosis and evaluation.

Case managers of Youth Bridge conduct non-electronic and electronic compliance monitoring of patients. It also offers community service supervision. In electronic monitoring, the court usually orders a young adult to put on a tracking device on his/her ankle while non-electronic monitoring consists of exhaustive outpatient supervision. Youth Bridge is implementing a long-term service for the Division of Children and Family services patients, 3 transitional living services for young adults who are homeless, Therapeutic Group Home for males who are adjudicated, Division of Youth Services Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Programs for young kids, and an emergency shelter program.

Youth Bridge has also developed an aftercare plan where patients can be reintegrated back into their communities. The Transitional Living Program, on the other hand, is for young adults, aged 16 to 234, who wants to self-sufficient and independent by obtaining vocational, educational, and social skills from Youth Bridge.

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