Youth Emergency Services & Shelter – IA

What Is Youth Emergency Services & Shelter Of Iowa?

Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa is a nonprofit and private organization located in Des Moines, Iowa. Established in 1973, YESS has been helping kids and their families. Catering to children up to 17 years old, the organization provides counseling, crisis care, respite, and emergency shelter. Common children issues include trouble at school; psychological, sexual, and physical abuse in the home; alcohol and drug use; runaways; families in need of support; severe illness in the family; homelessness; anger issues; struggles resulting from a blended family situation or divorce.

Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa Program

  • Blumenthal Crisis Nursery

It is a crisis nursery for children up to 8 years old whose family is experiencing a family crisis. The Respite Program is available 24/7 and serves as a temporary shelter during emergency and crisis situations.

  • Counseling

Youth Emergency Services & Shelter of Iowa offers counselors to help and support families in crisis. It offers Crisis Mediation Services; Case Management Services; Counseling Services; Out-Client Counseling Services; Therapy Services; and Family Team Services.

  • Direct Family Access

Direct Family Access has a program through the Prevent Child Abuse Iowa, which offers funding for qualified families for the reimbursement of respite childcare services. For a child to be eligible for Direct Family Access services, he must be diagnosed with mental or physical disability, chronic illness, or special need. The child must also be ineligible for Medicaid Waiver and is not able to take advantage of respite funding from any source.

  • Shelter

The 24/7 emergency shelter is for children who are troubled, homeless, abused, runaway adolescents. It is for children from nine to twelve years old but it has gender specific units for young teenagers from thirteen to seventeen years old. It offers a supervised, structured, and safe place.