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What Is Youth Villages?

Founded in 1986, Youth Villages provides comprehensive services and programs to help build strong families. It aids teenagers in independent living when they age out of state custody. It also offers short-term placements for kids in crisis and restores families via its exhaustive in-home services. It implements treatment models, which are evidence based in order to improve dramatically the possibilities of lasting success. Youth Villages is also one of USA’s very promising nonprofit organizations, which are results, oriented.

Serving at least 17,000 behaviorally and emotionally kids, with problems all over the country, Youth Villages offers in-home, intensive, and community based services in the District of Columbia and other 10 states, and a residential treatment at group homes and campuses in Oregon, Georgia, and Tennessee. Most kids served by Youth Villages are 12 to 17 years of age but generally, it serves children from childbirth to 22 years old. Most children under its care have problems with suicidal attempt or ideation, sexual or physical abuse, and behavioral and emotional disorders.

Youth Villages Programs

Youth Villages offers exhaustive in-home treatment for families, children, and teenagers. It also has a residential treatment program for youths who are at-risk. Its group homes and campuses offer constant supervision and counseling programs for kids who have mental health issues or severe acting out attitudes. Some kids are also placed under its foster care program so that they can experience how it is to be loved by parents.

Youth Villages, together with the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, works to search for a permanent home for kids who are up for adoption. It helps facilitate adoption especially for kids who cannot go back to their real families. Youth Villages also has its transitional living program where it offers help to young males and females, aged seventeen to twenty-two, so that they can find a job, continue with their schooling, acquire healthcare, find inexpensive housing, and learn skills for independent living.

Also in Tennessee, Youth Villages accepts emergency calls when kids experience psychiatric crises. There are counselors ready to evaluate and assess kids so that the necessary referrals can be made. MYPAC or Mississippi Youth Programs Around the Clock is a program of Youth Villages in the state of Mississippi, which offers an option for families for the kid to have psychiatric treatment at home. Project Safe, on the other hand, is a program, which is the only one of its kind in the Mid-South and Memphis. The program services homeless and runaway kids, aged thirteen to seventeen, in the area. In Georgia and Tennessee, Youth Villages has a mentoring program for teenagers and children where they are paired responsible and caring adults who can be their role models.
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